Our Know-How

Smartfit is the bike-fitting brand of Radlabor GmbH. Radlabor GmbH traces its roots back to the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Olympic Centre and the Institute of Sport at the University of Freiburg. Radlabor combines scientific know-how with many years of practical experience gained from our own three service centres in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt.

Since 2003, research and development activities at Radlabor have concentrated on detailed analyses of a cyclist’s sitting position. Research in this field involves complex laboratory and field studies using electromyography, pedal force measurements, high-speed video recordings and much more besides. We have developed our bike-fitting solutions for the cycle retail trade and bike-fitting service providers on the basis of in-house and international research findings.

Our Team

Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt

"Bike fitting is about measurements and calculations. No fuss. You need the best technology for this."

Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt CEO
Andreas Bruch

"Our Smartfit concept provides solutions ranging from quick sales to high-end fitting."

Andreas Bruch CEO
Robert Weinhofer

"Best bike fitting system for retailers."

Robert Weinhofer Sales
Bruno Schotten

"If you want to get faster – get a Smartfit fitting"

Bruno Schotten Sales / Onlinesizing
Fabian Schmiedel

"Fast and easy to use – this is what sales staff want from a fitting system."

Fabian Schmiedel RnD / Support
Adrian Horchler

"Digital sale assistance with Smartfit really makes sense. "

Adrian Horchler Sale & Support
Timo Degen

"Full support is our top priority, we can be relied on to respond swiftly."

Timo Degen Production management
Ralf Zimmermann

"Bikesizing and -fitting in bikestores – that makes sense for every customer. Smarfit offers simply the best system."

Ralf Zimmermann Production
Thorsten Schäfer

"Smarfit: Technology that excites for both sales-team and customer."

Thorsten Schäfer Sale & Support
Luca Kriener

"Our Smartfit Systems are looking pretty smart, that’s how they are!"

Luca Kriener Marketing & PR
Melanie von Wolffersdorf

"Smartfit means well-organised bicycle sales. This is the underlying concept – the same as in my office."

Melanie von Wolffersdorf Office
Henner Bruch

"Reliable detection of pedalforces?! No problem with Powerforce by Smartfit."

Henner Bruch Powerforce
Nele Nieschlag

"Whether an e-bike customer or an triathlete, with SMARTFIT I provide everyone the best position on the bike."

Nele Nieschlag Radlabor Frankfurt
Tanja Willersinn

"With up to five fittings a day, I need a system that works smoothly."

Tanja Willersinn Radlabor Freiburg
Hendrik Münstermann

"Over 5,000 bike fittings in more than 10 years. No one has greater expertise."

Hendrik Münstermann Radlabor Frankfurt
Peter Scheffler

"People in Munich ride the most expensive bikes. That’s why I need a high-quality system for bike fitting."

Peter Scheffler Radlabor Munich
Uli Plaumann

"Simple and fast! That’s Smartfit!"

Uli Plaumann Radlabor Munich

Our Partners

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