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Smartfit Bikefitting Workshop Hong Kong

Bikefitting Workshop Hong Kong / China

New Smartfit distributor for China: Iron Ore

China is not only a fast growing market it’s a country with a great potential of fantastic bike riders. So let’s give them some smart tools to fit their bikes properly. We are glad having convinced Iron Ore as our Smartfit distributor for China (

Smartfit academy trained chinese bike dealers

Iron Ore invited a bunch of bike dealers to participate in a bikefitting workshop at their show room. So we followed the call to bring the Smartfit academy to Hong Kong. Three days of intense teaching and training were both fascinating and challenging – German engineering and biomechanic expertise translating into chinese language and culture.

Starting with the body

Smartfit Bikefitting Workshop Hong Kong - Bodyscan CX9A0526CX9A0449

First step was to get to know the riders body size. The shoulder is one of the anatomical landmarks that have to be tracked. This is done by scanning the body with the laser of the Smartfit Q4.

Bikescan to get the riders seat position






Next step was to scan the riders bike. This will result in the 4 variables of the seat position: seat height, setback, reach and drop. Again the Smartfit Q4 helps to do this accurate and fast by laser tracking.

Finding the right size of new bikes from geometry data base






Which frame size is the right one. You can spend a lot of money for a new bike. Be sure to get the right size. Based on the measurements of the body or the riders bikes the workshop participants learned to find the right size from the huge Smartfit-database using the bike selection function of the software. A colored guiding system shows easily what fits and what won’t fit.

Foto based Smartfit Q1 for sales purposes only or video technology with Smartfit Q5 for advanced dynamic fitting

Smartfit Bikefitting Workshop Hong KongSmartfit Bikefitting Workshop Hong Kong - videoSmartfit Bikefitting Workshop Hong Kong - video





Using the Smartfit Q1 the participants learned how to scan the body based on a high-resolution picture. This is a fast and easy way to find the right sized bike on each sales floor. A contrast to this is the video technology included in the Smartfit Q5. The rider was placed on a trainer and two cameras recorded his movements to get a dynamic analysis of his position. This is a quite complex way to fit a bike. It takes more time and expertise but it’s very impressive and gives the rider a good feedback of what he is doing on the bike.

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