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Contactless sales & service with Smartfit now!

Dear Smartfit family, 

We know how the Covid-19 pandemic affects your turnover. We feel the same way. Our Radlabor branches are closed too. However there are chances to face these hard times. Smart ideas, pragmatic and fast acting are now required. There is a NOW and there will be a BEYOND. We have to prepare ourselves and act with a hands-on mentality to get rid of the struggle.

There is a big benefit in the most countries: The bike market and service is classified as system-relevant by governments like here in Germany. Science and politics recommend to use the bike for short and required distances. That can be our handle for all the bike-business.

Contacless sales & service, how does it work?

With our Smartfit systems there are two options:

1. Contactless via phone or video-call with the Smartfit software

Instead of doing the measurement at the point of sale you can do it with your customer also via phone or video-call (i.e. Skype/Zoom…). Some ‘closed’ bike stores have already converted their service and sales activities like that and are using the Smartfit software successfully.

We assist you personally and show you how to interact in a contacless service situation via phone/video-call/Chat. We are working to present you as soon as possible some (video) guidances  for you and instructions for customers how to do a self-measurement.
Do you need some assistance now? Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

2. Online in your webshop

As owner of a performing webshop you clearly have an advantage. More and more customers inform oneselves online at present. Soon there will occur the question of the right frame size. Our Smartfit Online Sizing tool takes the individual body measures and translates them into an accurate frame size recommendation of the desired bike, all based on its actual geometry. This customer-centered solution can be integrated into an online shop system with very little effort in only one day. The digital sizing closes a gap in online bike retail and has proven to be the top frame size tool world wide.

More information about the tool here: 

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