Smartfit online sizing answers the most important question for online bike sales.

Which frame size do I need?

“Size M fits perfectly to you”


Added value

Increase your conversion rate

Smartfit online sizing gives customers the confidence to order the bike in the right frame size. The worst thing that can happen in online trading:  customers hesitate to order the product because of uncertainty. Even if there is a free return.

Reduce returns

Precise individual sizing results reduce your returns due to inappropriate frame sizes to a minimum.

Increase customer relations

Your customer will experience a personal bike sizing service on your website and find the ideal frame size for his body and his needs. This individual service will be valued and builds trust between your customer and your business.




The ideal frame size is being calculated according to the Smartfit algorithm. The Smartfit algorithm is scientifically validated and based on more than 15 years of bike fitting experience.


Smart calculation

Online sizing has to be simple. Our Smart calculation estimates arm, leg and torso lengths based on your body size. This makes the customer experience as smooth as possible: Your customer wants a fast answer – body height is sufficient as input.


Bike database

Smartfit online sizing, like all Smartfit systems, relies on the world’s largest bike database with frame geometry data. Over 100 brands with approximately 15.000 updated models per year. We are able to give individual sizes for almost every bike.


Smartfit online sizing provides all cyclists who are interested in buying online with accurate sizing results. Starting with a simple and fast e-bike sizing, which is based only on the body height, up to sizing a 10.000 Euro road bike including arm and inner leg length measurements.


Data input

1. Body Height

Based on the body height, the Smartfit algorithm calculates the arm, leg and torso lengths. This reduces the effort for the customer to a minimum.

2. SEGMENT LENGTHS (optional)

The more parameters the customer enters into the system, the more accurate the sizing gets. We recommend entering the individual arm lenth and inner leg length to get an optimum fit.

3. Rider PROFILEs (optional)

More information about the rider further increase the accuracy of the sizing: A competitive road cyclist will ride a smaller frame with a longer stem compared to a recreational rider – the Smartfit algorithm includes this knowledge.

Data output

1. Frame size

Each customer gets a definite recommendation for his ideal frame size. This information will automatically be handed over to the shop and the chosen frame size will be added to the cart.

2. COCKPIT SETUP (optional)

For road bikes the Smartfit algorithm calculates and recommends the optimum cockpit setup. Detailed information on stem length, angle and spacer configuration are displayed on the result screen.

3. Seat position (optional)

As with all Smartfit systems, the seat position can be calculated for each customer and bike type. You customer does not only get the optimum bike size for his body but also a recommendation how to set up his new bike.



The Smartfit online sizing wizard is integrated as a stand-alone module [embedded javascript widget] which works similar to a Twitter or Facebook like button in an existing shop or on a manufacturer homepage. The tool only needs the product ID (EAN) and the following sizing workflow will run in a stand-alone window in front of your website. The colors and logos are customizable.



You will find examples for the integration of the Smartfit online sizing wizard on a shop or manufacturer side below. It is possible to customize colors and embed a logo.

For all types of bikes











Our recommendation

Smartfit online sizing is the perfect solution for online shops or manufacturers who want to offer the best service to their customers. We recommend the combination of online shopping and local service [Click & Collect]. The combination of Smartfit bike fitting systems with Smartfit online sizing offers a unique service concept for sales consulting and ergonomics.

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