Smartfit Q1

Ergonomic advice for the cycle retail trade: Uses photo technology to enable a non-contact body scan when selling bikes. Provides settings and geometric data in three minutes. The Smartfit Q1 enables you to guarantee reliable service, precision measurement, easy operation and, in combination with the large bike database, smart sales support for all staff.

For retailers who are looking for a price-aware measurement concept.

What you can do with Smartfit Q1

Body Scan
Body Scan

Body Scan

Captures physical data with a 5-point body scan. Measurement takes only a few seconds. Intuitive handling just use your fingers to click on the measuring points on the touchscreen display.

Bike Selection
Bike Selection

Bike Selection

Recommends a suitable bike (best fit) on the basis of customer details and physical data, including frame size and attachments. A selection list with filter function facilitates a search through more than 100 bike brands and over 25,000 current models in the online database.

Bike Adjust
Bike Adjust

Bike Adjust

Adjust the optimal sitting position with our laser tool and provide the perfect position for every testride.

More Quality
More Quality

More Quality

Your extra-service is valuable for your shop and your customers. Our software provides all customer and bike information in a variety of reports with your logo. Own reports can be edited and are useful for after-sale and remarketing.

Smartfit Q1 consists of


Measurement station with advertising appeal.

  • Fitting terminal
  • Full HD industrial camera
  • Computer + touch monitor
  • Rollup + floor mat


Bike fitting software licence for the operation of the Smartfit Q1 system.

  • Fitting software with Q1 functions
  • Geometric data package
  • Includes updates & support
  • Online server

For all kind of bikes and customers

  • Mario Müller, projekt:bike Nettersheim

    „In today’s day and age it is important that the salesperson is seen as competent and knowledgeable. The Smartfit Q1 offers us a fantastic solution to affirm our competence with modern techniques to impress our customers.“

    Mario Müller, projekt:bike Nettersheim
  • Thomas Fuhr, Zweirad Fuhr Sinzheim

    „With Smartfit we can add certainty on both sides: for us the confidence of giving the correct sales advice and for the customer peace of mind with his/her bike choice. Discounts are no longer a big issue, this allowed us to increase our gross profit within a year about 3%. Our frequent customers recommend our shop just because we are using the Smartfit Q4.“

    Thomas Fuhr, Zweirad Fuhr Sinzheim
  • Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfi’s Bike Shop Dubai

    „Smartfit has many benefits for us. It allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors by first scanning the customer before starting to discuss the bicycles. No other shop does this in our region and it generates an unrivaled first impression.“

    Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfi’s Bike Shop Dubai
  • Carsten Schlieter, die Edelhelfer Dortmund

    „We use the Smartif Q4 throughout the whole consultation process. The system creates a synergy between advice and sales. Smartfit allows us to offer every customer the perfect ergonomic solution. In addition we can offer optional bikefittings as extra-service.“

    Carsten Schlieter, die Edelhelfer Dortmund

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