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Recipient of the EUROBIKE GOLD AWARD 2018: The new SMARTFIT Online SIZING

At this year’s EUROBIKE, Radlabor GmbH has been awarded a coveted EUROBIKE Gold Award (in the category “Concepts & Services”) for its exceptionally innovative approach of its SMARTFIT Online SIZING tool. The tool providespersonalized sales advice for buying bikes online, helping customers by means of precise size recommendations to find the right frame size both quickly and easily. This strengthens customer confidence in online purchasing and makes costly returns a thing of the past.

Digitalization has radically transformed the bicycle retail landscape and presents both manufacturers and bike retailers with completely new challenges. For some years now, the presence of online shops alongside traditional distribution channels has been increasing, and while this format rarely provides much advice, the online shops do score points with their huge selections, low prices, and short lead times. As a result, an increasing number of shops and businesses are trying to sell their bikes through their own or third-party online portals using a multichannel link to their sales outlets. However, it is hard to compare online shopping with the classic purchase in a bike store, as buying a suitable bike generally requires a certain amount of time and professional advice. Furthermore, online customers have previously been left unaided when it comes to the most critical of questions: What is the right size? This is because online shoppers must decide BEFORE making a purchase what size they should put in their shopping cart, just like when buying clothes, and it is quite common for the sizes to vary quite wildly depending on the brand. And if there is any hint of uncertainty at this point, interested customers tend to discontinue their purchases and, in the worst cases, leave the site. This is something that online providers have recognized too. This is why you can find more or less legible tables, graphs, or calculators on many manufacturers’ webpages, online shop FAQs, or external links; however, these are usually neither user-friendly nor provide a satisfactory result. They are far more comparable with a simple navigation solution, where a map is available as a PDF to be printed. And who today does not prefer to use Google Maps or a modern navigation system?

It is precisely this gap that the Freiburg-based company Radlabor has filled with its SMARTFIT Online SIZING tool, which was the recipient of one of the coveted Gold Awards at this year’s EUROBIKE for its notably high added value. The tool provides the first personalized sales advice for buying bikes online which helps the customers to find the right individual frame size both quickly and easily by means of precise size recommendations. This digital tool is integrated in an online shop on the product page, and then a separate window opens in front of the online shop page, as soon as the customer clicks the “Find your size” button. This starts a simple query in which the customer specifies their gender and body size, then their arm and leg length is calculated based on averages or can be input manually. In the third step, a precision-calculated size recommendation for the selected bike model is made, which can be compared with other models. This requires minimal effort from the online shopper. Since the SMARTFIT Online SIZING tool, just like all SMARTFIT systems, has access to the world’s largest bike database, it is able to provide an individual size recommendation for almost any bike model. This has also been corroborated by the EUROBIKE Award jury: “This very useful measuring software takes all relevant components into account.  Thanks to a large geometry database of real measurements, the various options for each bicycle model are shown.”

As a result, SMARTFIT Online SIZING solves two problems in one hit. Firstly, it gives the customer more assurance when buying online, which considerably improves conversion rates and sales for the online shop. Secondly, the number of returns drops thanks to the right frame size meaning unnecessary costs can be avoided, while also boosting customer satisfaction. Even the most uncertain and inexperienced customers will be able to order their next bike online. Regardless of whether you run an online shop, where you sell your bikes, or whether you are a bike manufacturer with a shop system that directly links your products to stationary retail, you will improve the performance of your website and increase customer confidence with the SMARTFIT Online SIZING tool. The right bikes make happy customers, and happy customers will buy again more often from the same business. Digitalization is thus not only a risk, but also an opportunity. Dirk Heidrich, EUROBIKE Project Director, stresses this too: “The bike market is currently subject to a number of new influences, such as the changing demands for mobility and the growing influence of digitalization.  The EUROBIKE Award serves as proof of the brilliance with which these challenges are being resolved by bike industry market participants. It provides a renewed concentrated focus on the innovative future of the bicycle market.”

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