• Smartfit Q1 Customer photo, body scan, bike recommendation - the measurement system for the cycle retail trade.

  • Smartfit Q1 Customer photo, body scan, bike recommendation - the measurement system for the cycle retail trade.

  • Smartfit Q1 Customer photo, body scan, bike recommendation - the measurement system for the cycle retail trade.

Smartfit Q1

Ergonomic advice for the cycle retail trade: Uses photo technology to enable a non-contact body scan when selling bikes. Provides settings and geometric data in three minutes. The Smartfit Q1 enables you to guarantee reliable service, precision measurement, easy operation and, in combination with the large bike database, smart sales support for all staff.

For retailers who are looking for a price-aware measurement concept.

What you can do with Smartfit Q1

Body Scan

Body Scan

Captures physical data with a 5-point body scan. You stand at the measurement terminal. Your customer stands in front of the measurement display. You take a photo and use your fingers to click on the measuring points on the touchscreen display. Takes two minutes.

Bike Selection

Bike Selection

Recommends a suitable bike (best fit) on the basis of customer details and physical data, including frame size and attachments. A selection list with filter function facilitates a search through more than 100 bike brands and over 10,000 current models in the online database.

Media Reports

Media Reports

Your ergonomic consultation is a valuable service and deserves effective media coverage. Issues all customer and bike information in a variety of reports with your logo. Own reports can be edited. Also with attractively designed portfolio on request.

Smartfit Q1 consists of


Measurement station with advertising appeal.

  • Fitting terminal
  • Full HD industrial camera
  • Computer + touch monitor
  • Rollup + floor mat


Bike fitting software licence for the operation of the Smartfit Q1 system.

  • Fitting software with Q1 functions
  • Geometric data package
  • Includes updates & support
  • Online server
  • Smartfit Q1 Phototerminal, Rollup, Floor-Mat, Inseam-Device

  • Smartfit Q1 Phototerminal with integrated industrial HD-camera and LED light bar

  • Smartfit Q1 Phototerminal with integrated industrial HD-camera and LED light-bar

  • Smartfit Q1 Industrial HD camera

  • Smartfit Q1 branded as Scott Fitting System Q1 smart

  • Smartfit Q1 Body scan based on digital photo

  • Smartfit Q1 Results body scan

  • Smartfit Q1 Bike recommendation E-Bike

  • Smartfit Q1 Best fit roadbike

For all types of bikes











Our recommendation

We recommend the Smartfit Q1 to all specialist cycle retailers requiring an affordable measurement concept for sales.

If you sell e-bikes, trekking bikes, urban bikes, mountain bikes and racing bikes in the lower to average price range and if you think it is important to provide ergonomic advice as a sales service and need a precision measuring system with an excellent price-performance ratio to do so, then Smartfit Q1 is just right for you.

If you sell high-priced sports bikes or if you want to take measurements of customers’ bikes and carry out laser-guided adjustments in front of customers when selling bicycles, then take a look at our Smartfit Q4.

Get more information:

  • Eurobike Jury Statement

    „This fitting system convinced us with his global concept and beeing independent from any brand or manufacturer. With this it's a perfect instrument to enhance the sale. Even retailers without an expertise for bikefitting will benefit from the Smartfit Q1 due to its simple handling. “

    Eurobike Jury Statement
  • Mike Browning, mikesbikes-portishead.com

    „The Radlabor bike fit system has been a hugely useful addition to our shop. Not only does it help as a sales tool, but it offers great after-sales care to our customers too.“

    Mike Browning, mikesbikes-portishead.com
  • Dominique Metz, Veloplus.ch

    „We use the Smartfit system in all our stores, customised as the Leonardo system. Customers always respond positively to the ergonomic survey. It also gives fixed retail premises a clear additional advantage compared with online sales.“

    Dominique Metz, Veloplus.ch
  • Neil Martin, cycleright.cc

    „We knew the Smartfit system would enable us to sell more bike’s and that our customers would benefit from bikes that fitted them properly. What we did not expect was the demand we had to fit customers existing bikes. The success that we have had with the Smartfit system has been phenomonal, with lots of happy customers.“

    Neil Martin, cycleright.cc
  • Tim Böhme, Rider Bulls Team

    „I can't afford to waste any strength. I trust the Smartfit system to adjust my bike.“

    Tim Böhme, Rider Bulls Team
  • Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfis Bikeshop Dubai

    „The Smartfit Bikefitting-System is really elaborate and it measures the most important value - length. It's a very valuable help for me and my team.“

    Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfis Bikeshop Dubai
  • Carsten Schlieter, die-edelhelfer.de

    „The Smartfit System is the right arm of my salespersons.“

    Carsten Schlieter, die-edelhelfer.de

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