• Powerforce Pedalforce measurement system

  • Powerforce Left & right pedalforce sensors with wireless radio unit

  • Powerforce Pedalforce sensor mounted at normal crank.

  • Powerforce Pedalforce sensors compatible with any pedal system

Smartfit Powerforce

Pedal force measurement for the scientific study of cycling biomechanics. Delivers real pedal forces in two dimensions, right and left, and with every pedal system.

You can use Smartfit Powerforce to conduct scientific studies, to take a holistic approach to the analysis of mobility problems and to improve pedalling technique by giving feedback during training. With Powerforce the all-round pedal stroke is no longer a myth.

For scientists, sport biomechanicians and professional bike fitters.

Cycling Biomechanics with Smartfit Powerforce

Pedal force measurement
Pedal force measurement

Pedal force measurement

The 2D force sensors record the tangential (Fe) and radial (Fu) pedal force on the right and left side. This enables you to distinguish between propelling force and unused force, to identify pressure, drag and thrust in the pedal pattern and to illustrate side differences. The resulting force vector shows how the rider treads the pedals.



Die Pedalkräfte werden live in Echtzeit gezeigt. Während der Fahrer pedaliert, schaut er auf den Monitor und sieht zwei Kreise vor sich. Das sind seine Pedalkräfte, dargestellt in Kreisform – so wie man tritt. Veränderungen im Tritt werden sofort angezeigt. Dies ist die perfekte Grundlage für Feedbacktraining. Der runde Tritt ist kein Mythos mehr.



Zur Montage wird das Smartfit Powerforce einfach zwischen Kurbel und Pedal eingeschraubt: Pedal abschrauben, Sensor in Kurbel einschrauben und justieren, Pedal in Sensor einschrauben. Jeder Athlet kann sein eigenes Kurbelsystem und seine Pedale fahren. Das Pedalkraftsystem ist sowohl am normalen Rad als auch am Ergometer nutzbar.

Analyse & Report
Analyse & Report

Analyse & Report

Die Auswertung der Daten erfolgt automatisiert noch während der Messung. Der Mittelwert über mehrere Kurbelumdrehungen wird für alle Kraftkomponenten berechnet und inklusive Kurbelwinkel ausgegeben. Vergleichen Sie verschiedene Situationen, unterschiedliche Fahrer oder Prä-Post. Der gedruckte Plot liegt 5 Sekunden nach der Messung vor.

Smartfit Powerforce consists of


Force sensors and wireless data transmission

  • Right and left sensor for radial and tangential force components
  • Wireless data transfer with 500Hz per channel
  • Crank angle + positions trigger
  • Transport case + mounting tool


Scientific measurement and analysis software

  • Record + automatic analysis
  • Online feedback module
  • Plotting chart
  • Protection with hardware dongle
  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung Montiert zwischen Kurbel und Pedal

  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung Messsoftware mit Echtzeit-Feedback

  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung Montiert zwischen Kurbel und Pedal

  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung für Rad-Biomechaniker

  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung Kraftsensoren für 2D-Pedalkräfte

  • Powerforce Pedalkraftmessung 2D-Pedalkräfte (radial, tangential)

For all types of bikes











Our recommendation

The Powerforce system is used by leading laboratories conducting research into the science of cycling biomechanics worldwide. The pedal force measurement system is an absolute must for scientists with an interest in the role of biomechanics in cycling. We also recommend it for all service providers, trainers, bike fitters and health professionals who wish to hone the techniques of cyclists and probe the causes of any mobility problems. For scientific research and a biomechanical service of the highest quality.

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  • Eurobike Jury Statement

    „This fitting system convinced us with his global concept and beeing independent from any brand or manufacturer. With this it's a perfect instrument to enhance the sale. Even retailers without an expertise for bikefitting will benefit from the Smartfit Q1 due to its simple handling. “

    Eurobike Jury Statement
  • Mike Browning, mikesbikes-portishead.com

    „The Radlabor bike fit system has been a hugely useful addition to our shop. Not only does it help as a sales tool, but it offers great after-sales care to our customers too.“

    Mike Browning, mikesbikes-portishead.com
  • Dominique Metz, Veloplus.ch

    „We use the Smartfit system in all our stores, customised as the Leonardo system. Customers always respond positively to the ergonomic survey. It also gives fixed retail premises a clear additional advantage compared with online sales.“

    Dominique Metz, Veloplus.ch
  • Neil Martin, cycleright.cc

    „We knew the Smartfit system would enable us to sell more bike’s and that our customers would benefit from bikes that fitted them properly. What we did not expect was the demand we had to fit customers existing bikes. The success that we have had with the Smartfit system has been phenomonal, with lots of happy customers.“

    Neil Martin, cycleright.cc
  • Tim Böhme, Rider Bulls Team

    „I can't afford to waste any strength. I trust the Smartfit system to adjust my bike.“

    Tim Böhme, Rider Bulls Team
  • Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfis Bikeshop Dubai

    „The Smartfit Bikefitting-System is really elaborate and it measures the most important value - length. It's a very valuable help for me and my team.“

    Wolfgang Hohmann, Wolfis Bikeshop Dubai
  • Carsten Schlieter, die-edelhelfer.de

    „The Smartfit System is the right arm of my salespersons.“

    Carsten Schlieter, die-edelhelfer.de