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Scott Fitting System by Radlabor

Scott relies on Smartfit technology

SCOTT is a brand that relies on Smartfit by Radlabor as a professional bike-fitting partner. As one of the most innovative companies in the cycling sector, SCOTT also places importance on professional and sophisticated technology for its own fitting system. The Radlabor Smartfit systems are used by SCOTT dealers worldwide as a fast and accurate way of finding the optimal bike size and ideal sitting

position for every customer.

Scott fitting systems which are identical to the Q1, Q4 and Q5 Smartfit systems are available.

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Scott Fitting System Q1 Smart


Official press release by Scott

Cycling is not only en vogue, it is an extremely booming activity and is seeing more and more fans. On the other hand, dedicated bikers and those who want to set themselves apart from the mainstream do request superior guidance and look for individual products. Bike Fitting and individual custom fitting is becoming more and more popular worldwide. That`s why SCOTT partnered up with Radlabor, one of the most renowned institutions worldwide offering scientific know-how for bike fitting programs. Radlabor is based in Germany and has subsidiaries in Freiburg, Frankfurt and Munich. With its background at the Freiburg Sports University, the biomechanic experts became a big player thanks to their high quality 2D laser based scanning software and seating position program. Radlabor`s entire expertise implements both seating analysis and training expertise as well as a highly valuable pedal force measurement system that various scientific institutes worldwide use. They are not only commissioned by the German Cycling Federation to accompany the national teams, they also have a great history in advising and measuring world champions and Olympic gold medalists like Cadel Evans, Sabine Spitz and José Hermida. “Our goal and our approach is to find the perfect seating position for bikers,” says Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt, founder of Radlabor. “The BikeScanner, our patented laser based system, is a neutral analytic program. It measures all individual body data with an outstanding exactness of a 1 mm resolution. It defines the perfect bike geometry plus all adjustments needed for an optimized and utmost efficient position on the bike.”

Scott Fitting System Zaragoza

Scott Fitting System Q4 Advanced in Zaragoza, Spain


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