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Helen Grobert – to Rio with Smartfit

Road to Rio

German cross-country mountain bike champion and Bundesliga winner Helen Grobert is relying on the SMARTFIT fitting system on the road to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In addition to the training and performance diagnostics support from Radlabor GmbH, Hellen Grobert is also leaving the optimum sitting position in the hands of the experts.

“The competition among the world’s elite is so tight that it’s vital to be able to convert every step into the maximum power and drive.” 

So says Helen Grobert, Germany’s great hope in mountain biking. It’s not only her competition machine, the GHOST “Lector World Cup”, that she need to be perfectly adapted to her body: so do her training bikes and race bike.

“I am incredibly sensitive to the bike setting, so it’s ideal when all bikes are set identically and I don’t have to keep getting used to them all over again. Even if it’s only a matter of millimetres, it’s still disruptive.”

All bikes of the professional biker go through the fitting process with the SMARTFIT Q4 System so that the precise adjustments can be made. SMARTFIT inventor Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt is already looking forward to adjusting Helen Grobert’s Olympic bike for her.

The Radlabor & SMARTFIT team wishes Helen Grobert a successful start to the 2016 MTB season and every success in her Olympic preparations.

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